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Although we restore only '53-'67 Corvettes we work with clients to conserve original cars of any make or era. There is just nothing in the world like an original car. At Twin Oaks, we are passionate about Survivors. The care that must be used when handling an original car can not be overstated. There is no way to restore an original car but conservation and preservation is a must. Even a simple cleaning can remove irreplaceable things like accumulated grease from suspension parts, referred to as "growth" or a well intentioned waxing can irreparably damage and mottle original paint.


If you have a car that you think may be a candidate to conserve, please give us a call. We recently worked with the owner of one of the few original AC Cobras still in existence. Last year we also conserved one of only seven cars in the country that received the highest Survivor award, the Zenith Award.

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