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Legends Never Die...

Twin Oaks Corvette Restoration

We offer a wide variety of restoration related services. Please take a look at the links below to learn more about what we offer!



When you have a car that needs a restoration there are many different things that can influence your decision on where to have your project done. Time frame, quality of work, cost, and the overall ease of experience are all factors. We have seen many different cars, each with their own unique stories. We know that no two restorations will be the same. The one thing that is consistent are the results that our clients see. We partner with you to create a plan and we guarantee that your goals are met the first time. 

  Increase Your
Cars Show Score
You may have a nice, restored car, but you would like to make it even better... We can help! With years of experience at the major shows we know the standards. We have been thru the process may times and know a lot of the details that just aren't "in the book". We can work with you to prepare your car for these events and help you to take your car to a new level of excellence. 
Original Cars (Survivors)

Although at Twin Oaks we only restore 53-67 Corvettes, we also offer conservation, preservation, and show preparation on original cars of any make or era. You may have a car that you are unsure whether to preserve or restore. We have extensive experience in this area and would be happy to evaluate what you have and formulate a plan with you.

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