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When it Comes to Buying and Selling, Knowledge is Power


If you are either looking to buy a classic Corvette or have one you would like to sell, we are here to help! At Twin Oaks, we frequently assist clients in the process. 




Let us know what car you are looking for and we can send word out through our network of Corvette connections to help locate exactly the car for you. In addition, we can inspect a car that you are interested in purchasing. There are a lot of Corvettes out there that may look pretty good but are fundamentally not what they appear. Even a shoddy body man can fill over and make a rough fiberglass body look good for a while. We also have extensive expertise with engie stamps and trim tags. Unless you know exactly what you are looking at you may end up with an engine that is not what you thought. To buy a car that has not been inspected by a trusted professional is just not a good idea. We have inspected some great cars over the years but more often than not we have helped our clients avoid some very big mistakes. Don't guess. Give us a call and we can help. It may be as simple as having us look at some photos of the car that you are considering or you may choose to have us inspect it personally.





If you have a Corvette that you are interested in selling, let us know! We have clients that are always looking for unique, high quality cars. Selling a car and realizing the full fair value can be difficult. If your car meets our standards we can help with the marketing strategy to insure that you get what your car is worth.



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