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Engine Stamp Authentication


One of the most important factors in the value of your Corvette is the originality of the engine. With recent changes in judging standards an original stamp is more important than ever. Until now determiming the authenticity of an engine has been a difficult problem. There are options avaliable for stamp verification but the process can be less than enjoyable. It is very expensive and you are not given any insight into the details of your individual stamp, you are just given an opinion that "it's good"or "it's not". We have simple, more open process. We have gathered a vast library of original stamps and have extensive experience with broach mark characteristics, assembly and VIN stamp characters as well as factory anomolies. Our process is designed to include you fully. We simply need several high resolution photos of your stamp and as much of the back story of your car as is relevant. We also need the engine casting number and the casting date. We will then carefully evaluate the engine and once we have completed the process we will contact you and go over every aspect of your stamp detail by detail. 



The cost for this service is $180. If for any reason there is something that prevents us from authenticating your stamp with a high degree of certainty then there is no charge for the consultation. Because there is no way for anyone to verify a stamp with 100% surety, this service is offered as our professional opinion only. That being said, we hold that with our extensive experience and with the large amount of data and technical information that we use in our evlauation, that we offer a very accurate opinion. If you are not 100% satisfied with the information that we provide the consult is free. We believe that this is an invaluable service and that it will help you to be better informed before you make a critical decision in purchasing a Corvette or in the restoration of a car that you may already own. Please give us a call. We look forward to working with you!

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