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Engine and Chassis Restoration


In our opinion, one of the most important, yet one of the least understood areas of a restoration is the engine, drivetrain, and suspension. Just about anyone can make a Chevy engine run and there are many shops that seem to be good at one thing or another, but to bring the entire package together seems to be illusive. Go drive a half a dozen "frame off restored" cars and you will understand what we mean. When you meticulously bring all of the components of a suspension, clutch, transmission and a flawlessly tuned and mapped engine, there is just nothing like it. At Twin Oaks, every component is not just replaced but balanced and machined to factory standards. Every bolt is torqued and assembly sheets initialed. The end results are cars that are exhilarating from the moment you touch the key and thru every curve.


We are currently installing a state of the art Virtual Test Track chassis dynamometer. This system is capable of simulating varying road conditions while never leaving the shop.  We are also installing a 1600 hp Stuska engine dyno cell with automated load control. It allows us the absolute most advanced test and tuning facility anywhere. We specialize in Rochester fuel injection restoration and tuning and we get cars in from around the world to utilize our fuel injection expertise.




Enjoy this sound clip of Zora Duntov in a new 1961 fuel injected Corvette. It is a great example of the factory correct sound and performance that we strive diligently to duplicate in every Corvette that we build.

1961 Corvette Fuel Injected -
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Twin Oaks Corvette Chassis
Twin Oaks Corvette
Twin Oaks Corvette
Twin Oaks Corvette Fuel Injection
Twin Oaks Chassis
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