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Twin Oaks Corvette

Body Restoration

The body of your Corvette is the showcase around which every other detail is displayed. A stunning Corvette restoration is made or lost by the quality of the body. Fresh, clean, factory lines with the correct patina and distinctness of image are what make or break a truly outstanding restoration. Whether your car has a virgin un-hit body or its life has been a little more rigorous, we ensure that the end result will be the same... flawless body panels inside and out and perfect original finishes. Too few restorers understand the techniques needed to duplicate a factory finish. In most restoration shops "basecoat, clearcoat" is the standard of the industry, at Twin Oaks you will never get the standard of the industry. We have developed unique techniques and implement state of the art materials that infuse the Spirit of St. Louis in every finish that we apply.

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